Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Roster Wishlist – Part III: All-New, All-Different

So we come to the last list. I’ve already covered characters I want Capcom to recycle from MvC3 and its expansion, as well as the characters I want them to recreate from older games. Now we get onto the fun stuff. Given the fact that the previous lists were talking about characters that, by and large, already have some form of a moveset, I was just sort of able to gloss over that aspect and focus more on just explaining why I want to see them. This time around, however, I’ll probably have to go a little more in-depth, after all, the Marvel side wouldn’t even really have any movesets to draw inspiration from. Likewise, despite my obsession with Capcom fighting games, quite a few of my choices have technically never appeared in a fighting game before. So, I’m going to try my damnedest to justify my choices. Let’s get on with it.


10. Arcade

Not the most obscure choice on my list, but probably the weirdest. Arcade’s “powers” are linked to his own personal deathtrap, Murderworld, but if Ryu can shoot Kamehamehas in MvC, I don’t see why we can’t bend the rules for some of the Marvel characters as well. I see Arcade as a “trap” character: most of his special moves would simply place obstacles hidden in various areas of the stage, only triggering if they overlap with his opponent’s positioning. This playstyle may not be a perfect fit for the fast-paced MvC series, but it would be an interesting take on Blackheart, Dormammu, Trish and Rocket Raccoon’s gimmicks all in a single character.

9. Namor

Among Marvel’s longest lasting characters, it’s honestly baffling to me that Namor was never playable in any previous MvC titles. Truth be told, I can’t really think of any special moveset for him, based on his powers — but I’m still onboard for him appearing in MvC:I.

8. Black Panther

The main reason Black Panther’s so low on my list is because I’m pretty much sure his inclusion is inevitable: he was a breakout character in Captain America: Civil War, he’s got a movie coming out early next year, and all signs point to this game’s Marvel roster being a big advertisement for upcoming Marvel projects — much like UMvC3. I could see Black Panther acting as a replacement for Wolverine, but with some unique tricks of his own — throw in some unique BP abilities like cloaking and you’re good.

7. Nightcrawler

Just like Namor, I’m surprised Nightcrawler was never playable in any of Capcom’s old Marvel fighting games, especially given the focus they had on the X-Men due to their popularity being at its zenith during the 90s. Sure, his main ability is teleportation, but given the application within the comics themselves, there’s sure to be a plethora of ways to exploit it: an Izuna Drop-style command grab, a teleport punch like Scorpion’s from Mortal Kombat, warping around to get the drop on his enemy — there’s a great deal of potential there. Throw in his fencing skills and you’ve got a contender. Of course, given the sketchy nature of the X-Men and Fantastic 4 rights, I wouldn’t expect him. I do hope that if those DLC rumors are true, his name at least ends up on the short list.

6. Howard the Duck

This is one of those cases where I’m not so sure. I mean, Howard the Duck did have a bit of a spike in popularity lately, even managing a cameo in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. But I worry that he might be considered too close to Rocket Raccoon — who has already been confirmed for Infinite — in order to appear on his own. Moveset’s pretty obvious: given his expertise in the martial art Quak Fu and his arsenal of weapons, it’d be easy enough to work out a perfectly good moveset.

5. Mysterio

It was honestly a choice between him, Sandman and Scorpion, as I mentioned in that podcast. In this case, I decided to go with Mysterio, simply because I think he has the most potential for an awesome moveset and is probably the most recognizable of the three — even accounting for Sandman’s cinematic appearance. I see Mysterio working as a sort of “misdirection” character. Holographic copies of himself that do damage if they get hit, various attacks that look damaging but don’t actually do anything, maybe even gank Psylocke’s old Body Quintuple attack.

4. Wasp

Truth be told, this is the one I have the least hope for: simply because I’m pretty sure Ant-Man’s going to be in the game and that would make Wasp somewhat redundant. Besides, my reasons for actually wanting Wasp in are pretty weak anyway — I mainly loved her due to her portrayal on the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series. If she does manage to beat the odds, I can see her being a cross between both Storm and Phoenix’s flight and projectile spam attacks, with Phoenix’s low health added for good measure. Also, if she does happen to make it, I’m praying for an EMH-inspired alternate costume — I’d be insane to expect that as her main outfit.

3. Vision

Just like Black Panther, Vision’s priority has dropped significantly due to his enhanced exposure in the MCU — the truth is, he was my #1 pick for any future UMvC3 roster expansions. Having said that, I’d be quite ecstatic if he does manage to make it into Infinite, preferably in the base roster. His abilities to turn intangible, fly and project laser beams of solar radition would factor in heavily to his moveset. Honestly, if he had that wacky assist from that Data East fighting game — Avengers in Galactic Storm — where he just bursts out of the ground, as well as an all-white alternate color — representing his first resurrection — and I’d be fine with anything else Capcom throws at me.

2. Songbird

Probably my biggest pick for a new female character on the roster, Songbird’s not exactly the most popular character, but for some reason, she keeps appearing in rumored lists for the game — probably to mock me. Boasting sound-based powers from her augmented vocal cords and the ability to flight, Songbird just seems like she’d be a good character. Bonus, throw in a Screaming Mimi alternate to reference her villainous past.

1. Machine Man

X-51, alias Aaron Stack, and also known as Machine Man might actually be my most obscure Marvel choice, yet he’s still number one. Capable of stretching his limbs and full of all kinds of devices, sort of like a living Swiss Army knife. Couple that with the deadpan snarker persona he cultivated during his time with Nextwave and you’ve got the character I’d absolutely love to see in Infinite.


10. Linn Kurosawa/Simone

A little context for this one: Simone was a character from Cannon Spike, modeled after Linn Kurosawa from Capcom’s own Alien vs Predator arcade beat-’em-up. As such, I’m not really sure if Capcom actually owns the rights to Linn, but if not, Simone would be an acceptable replacement. Aside from that, her moveset should be simple enough to devise: both characters make use of a sword and gun in their respective games, so just craft a more down-to-earth move set utilizing both weapons. Less Dante, more Chris Redfield & Kaijin no Soki.

9. Harp Note

Yeah, if you thought my Marvel choices were weird, they’ve got nothing on Capcom. Harp Note was a major character in the MegaMan Star Force sub-franchise and by virtue of being a thousand times better than Roll.EXE from the Battle Network series, I think she deserves inclusion. It’s a shame that no one really liked the Star Force games, but honestly, I think they deserve some love. Including the MegaMan from that franchise is probably a no-go, but Harp Note seems like a fairly reasonable choice. Attacking with what is essentially a literal electric guitar that can generate shocking audio attacks, I think she’d be an interesting — albeit impossible — choice. She’d probably be more likely in a second Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, if such a thing could even exist.

8. Sylphie

Yes, I’m picking the freaking shopkeep from Forgotten Worlds, but I’m mainly doing it due to her awesome playable appearance in Namco X Capcom, which relied on a great deal of references to other Capcom games. I’d pretty much want her in this game for the same exact reasons — it would be an easy way to show some love to various Capcom franchises that wouldn’t get any love otherwise.

7. Akira Kazama

I’d probably consider Rival Schools to be the third most popular of Capcom’s original fighting game series — after Street Fighter and my beloved Darkstalkers. Having said that, they do deserve some representation in the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. The last time we heard from the series was in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, which gave us …Batsu. Frankly, I think the series deserves someone more interesting than another shoto — enter Akira Kazama, one of the more popular characters from the series among fans. Best of all, she’s already got a moveset to work from, so she’s pretty much ready to go.

6. Huitzil

huitzil-phobos-night-warriors-darkstalkers-revenge-hq-artworkI can’t really explain why Huitzil is among one of my favorite characters in the Darkstalkers franchise — maybe I’m just a sucker for a good ice beam. Either way, Huitzil would definitely be among my top choices for another representative for the series, as unlikely as that may be on both fronts.

5. Gene

Gene from God Hand just seems like a perfect choice for any fighting game, given his wide arsenal of attacks. Obviously, many of his God Roulette attacks would make perfect special moves and Hyper Combos, but I’d also like to see him get some weird “rekka”-style specials, which would incorporate some of Gene’s more powerful standard attacks into a combo. That would be pretty awesome.

4. Dr. Wily

Another unlikely choice, mostly due to Infinite’s focus on the …MegaMan X sub-franchise, but this would be another inclusion that would definitely make me happy. I mean, clearly, Wily would likely have to attack from his classic flying saucer and most of the attacks I think of would probably require a significant amount of additional 3D models, but this is my wishlist and I’m going to stick with it, no matter how insane it gets.

3. Rouge

Most people are in support of Edward Falcon from Power Stone, but I just think he’s so bland. I’d much rather see Rouge make an appearance. Fun fact: Rouge was originally considered for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and though Ryota Niitsuma isn’t working on MvC Infinite, including Rouge would be a nice little nod to both the series and MvC3’s producer.

2. Devilotte

Another odd choice. Ironically, I’m not even choosing her due to her appearance in Cyberbots or her status as an assist in the original Marvel vs. Capcom. In the end, my love for Princess Devilotte de Death Satan IX stems from Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, where she appeared as a secret character. Since then, she’s appeared as a playable character in Project X Zone, as well as making cameos in the aforementioned MvC1, Onimusha Soul, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and even UMvC3. Given the fact that she originates from Cyberbots, I’d imagine that she might fight a bit like a cross between Doronjo from TvC — calling upon her two attendants Dave the scientist and Xavier the wizard for most of her attacks — while also summoning her signature mech, the S-008 SUPER-8 for various hyper combos. As with most of the characters on this list, she’s a longshot, but I think it’s worth at least putting out there.

1. Lord Raptor

Yep, this is the one. The only character on my Capcom list that I’ve actually heard rumblings about in various online outlets, the one character that has anything approaching a legitimate shot at appearing. The Australian hellspawn of heavy metal, the wraith of rock, Lord Raptor — or Zabel Zarock, for you Japanese folks out there.  I acknowledge that Raptor would’ve been a nightmare to render in MvC3 — but given the fact that Ryce, the current golden boy of MvCI rumors, has stated that one of the Capcom characters had so much animation, the modelling team deserved a raise. When I first heard that, I literally started salivating: it may not be Lord Raptor, but there’s a chance.

And that makes 20 brand-new characters I’d love to see in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. I’m a lot more pessimistic about my chances with this list than the previous two, but I figured it was worth sharing. Oh well, here’s hoping that at least Vision and Lord Raptor manage to show up in this September, though I’ve got my doubts on the latter.


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