Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Roster Wishlist – Part II: Retro Returns

I told you I wasn’t done yet. Last time, I handled UMvC3 returns but this time, I’m going back even further. After all, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is one in a long series of games. Starting all the way with X-Men vs. Street Fighter back in 1996, the series has a whole host of representation of classic characters from both Marvel and Capcom, though admittedly the X-Men and Street Fighter got the lion’s share of the love from the get-go. While Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and its Ultimate expansion brought back a lot of classic characters in addition to its new offerings, a lot of my old favorites were left out in the cold. Despite clearly drawing a lot from MvC3 and clearly bringing in more modern representations of both media company’s offerings, I still hope that the good people at Capcom can find it in their hearts to bring in some of that old goodness they left back in the ’90s. For the list, I’m going to be drawing mainly from Marvel vs. Capcom 2’s roster — mostly because it contains pretty much every character that appeared in previous games — though admittedly, I’m also trying to keep in mind various characters that weren’t included. I’ll also be taking from Capcom’s side in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, because that was clearly meant as a spiritual successor, made before Capcom could finalize a deal with Marvel and the game essentially plays like a more modernized take on MvC1 and its predecessors — much like Infinite itself. Of course, I guess that puts Capcom at a disadvantage in terms of slots, but at least I’m not using the Capcom vs. SNK games. Either way, time for me to sound off on which X-Men characters I actually like.


10. Rogue


I liked Rogue to an extent — but that was mostly for her ability to copy other characters’ techniques after performing “Power Drain” on them. Too bad Marvel vs. Capcom 2 took that away from me, replacing it with a stat boost. Eh, I’d still rather see her included than Gambit or Cyclops, but I pretty much always assumed that Carol Danvers would make for a good replacement to her non-power absorption moves anyway and she made it in, so yeah. Rogue’s just here to round out this list.

9. Blackheart


I’d pretty much say that Dormammu is superior to Blackheart in every way that matters to me: play style, relevance and fun factor. However, the son of Mephisto still has his following. As with the previous entry, he’s mainly here to keep out Cyclops and Gambit. As an added bonus, I think he also manages to round out the non-X-Men from the early games that didn’t reappear in MvC3.

8. Spiral


Spiral was probably the most unique character in X-Men: Children of the Atom just due to her odd playstyle. Capable of swapping places with her opponent, power up her stats by dancing and summoning a wheel of energy swords which she can use in multiple ways, Spiral seems like a safe choice — then there’s her super move. Metamorphose had her transform into every member of the roster to perform a devastating combo attack — sort of like Shang Tsung at Turbo speed. Recreating that kind of attack with 3D models would be nigh-impossible and Spiral’s not really that popular to begin with.

7. Sabertooth


An odd choice, I know, but let’s be fair, most of my choices thus far have been pretty off-the-wall. I always kind of preferred Sabertooth over Wolverine, simply just due to how ridiculous he was. From his slurred voice acting to his girl Friday Birdy assisting him with attacks, Sabertooth was definitely an interesting character. I believe he was recently revived in the comics, but I don’t think that will help his chances.

6. Juggernaut


Juggernaut was definitely my favorite character to use in Marvel Super Heroes, even moreso than Shuma-Gorath. Unfortunately, like Spiral, it would probably be nearly impossible to recreate him in a 3D environment. He was originally designed as a boss for X-Men: CotA and as such, was gigantic. His moveset took advantage of that fact, so trying to scale it down for a smaller (yet more accurate) depiction of Juggernaut — I mean, his original sprite was massive, like twice the size of the Hulk — probably wouldn’t work out. Doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t want to see him return.

5. War Machine


This one’s technically a cheat. War Machine in MvC2 was essentially a reskin of the “Gold War Machine” secret character from MvC1 recolored to look like the real thing, but ditching his super armor in the process. However, given the fact that they’re giving Iron Man new moves, I’d love to see Rhodey brought into Infinite as well, maybe creating a Ryu/Ken dynamic between the two. Maybe make War Machine the slower, yet stronger one.

4. Colossus


Colossus was honestly the first “big” character in a 2D fighting game that felt remotely natural to me. Most times, the big guy in a game’s roster is the grappler: which feels weird to me, simply because it relies on getting in close before doing damage, as opposed to getting in close by doing big damage. Sure, he had that awesome Giant Swing command grab, but he also had the tools to get in there to use it, something I found somewhat lacking in most big characters. He’s pretty much got no shot at returning, but he did show up in the Deadpool movie. Maybe Marvel and FOX would consider it synergy?

3. Psylocke


In all honesty, out of all of the old X-Men characters, Psylocke is the only one that both has even a remote chance of returning and that I’d actually want to see return. Her fighting style was fast-paced — sort of like Street Fighter’s Cammy on steroids — and she had some unique maneuvers. I tended to prefer using her in MSH and was kind of surprised that she got left out of X-Men vs. Street Fighter. I hope that Capcom and Marvel work out some kind of deal to bring about her return, especially if those DLC rumors are to be believed. I’m still expecting a boring roster of Wolverine, Deadpool and Magneto with Cyclops as the “nostalgia” character if it comes to pass, though.

2. Iceman



Iceman was essentially my main in MvC2 — to the extent where friends would refuse to play with me if I picked him — simply due to the sheer amount of beam spam I could achieve with the character. Same goes for CotA, back when I owned that on my old computer. I always like Bobby Drake, though I’m almost certain that’s just because I like ice-based characters in general. I’m sure that if Iceman returns in Infinite, they’d probably end up removing his resistance to chip damage — but he’d still be nice to have.

1. Venom


Venom’s exclusion in MvC3 was regretable but understandable. The Darkstalkers chosen for the game were likely picked due to the 360 and PS3’s limited memory which meant that the game couldn’t handle complex animations — and Venom’s moveset definitely relied on some gorgeous animations. Considering the hardware in future titles have way more memory to play with, hopefully the Lethal Protector resurfaces — especially given the fact that Eddie Brock either recently regained the Venom symbiote or is on the verge of doing so. Hoping to see some Anti-Venom and Toxin colors as well — maybe even the classic “baby blue” Venom as a reference to the old games.


10. M. Bison


I still think it was a crime that Akuma was the Street Fighter villain instead of Bison. I’ll probably feel exactly the same when it happens again in Infinite. Of course, I’m kind of hypocritical: the Street Fighter characters I’d really want are Dan and Sunburnt Sakura. Well, them and Mech Zangief, but those last two are double impossible. Having said that, at least Bison would be somewhat unique, especially if they made him more like his Alpha version.

9. Shadow Lady


And I’m not talking about an alternate color reference for Chun-Li like we got with UMvC3. I’m talking drill hands, missiles out of the butt, Proton Cannon using Shadow Lady.  Yeah, I pretty much doubt this is going to happen, but I’d still love it if it did.

8. B.B. Hood


Honestly, I’d be happy if the only returning Darkstalkers from previous Marvel games were the three from MvC3, but honestly, B.B. Hood’s been a pretty interesting character. At the very least, she’d be 100 times better than friggin’ Chris Redfield again.

7. MegaMan Volnutt


Still a better choice than X in my opinion. Volnutt had the advantage of being a unique character — able to switch between three different weapons that changed up his special moves — until Amaterasu totally ganked his gimmick in MvC3. Still, I think I preferred the gimmick on Volnutt, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him come back. With assists gone, it’s probably at least a little more likely than a Tron Bonne return.

6. Cammy


Admittedly, this is more for a friend than it was for me, but frankly, I’d be curious to see how Capcom handles Cammy in a modern Versus game. X-Men vs. Street Fighter and by extension, MvC2, used (well, technically originated) Cammy’s Alpha design, when she was still a Shadoloo minion. As such, she was granted a measure of Psycho Power for the sake of powering her up. Given the fact that Cammy’s Delta Red persona is far more prominent these days, how would they power up her in future games? A return to Psycho Power or something else entirely? Besides, the Marvel games gave Cammy some pretty cool super combos you don’t really see anywhere else. I’d love to see those return as well.

5. “Lilith”


Okay, so I’m technically kind of cheating here — but I would love to see Lilith make her way into Infinite, whether she’s using some form of her Darkstalkers 3 moveset or better still, a combination of the “Liligan” moveset from MvC1 with whatever moves Morrigan discarded from her repertoire. I’m pretty sure they would end up using her actual design, as opposed to the palette swap they used in MvC. Best of all, this would justify reincorporating the Lilith model into Morrigan’s moveset. Seriously, dropping that has bugged me: you rendered Lilith in Tatsunoko, but not in either rendition of Marvel 3 and it looks like she’s still absent in Infinite? Not cool, Capcom.

4. MegaMan


Same basic deal as War Machine. This one is definitely impossible, as the Windows Vista of MegaMan has already taken over, but if by some unforeseen miracle, the true MegaMan manages to return, I’d want him to come with a new and substantially improved moveset. Alas, I think that ship has sailed. I bid you adieu, MegaMan. The world doesn’t know what it’s lost.

3. Saki Omokane


We’ve got a movelist courtesy of TvC and we’ve technically got precedent — after all, Miss Omokane was an assist in the original MvC — so why not? Saki was one of my favorite characters to use in TvC: she was to me what Cable was to the people who live and breathe MvC2. Frankly, just having her back would be great, but I won’t get my hopes up.

2. Roll


Don’t let the picture fool you, I’m talking about the one from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Maybe throw in the exploding bouquet attack as a nod to her MvC moveset, but TvC Roll was probably one of the most fun fighting game characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. It seems really unlikely that MegaMan Classic is going to make it in, but the Classic series definitely deserves some love and Rock’s little sister seems like the perfect choice. As an added bonus, if you include Saki as well, I’d be able to recreate my main team from TvC.

1. Jin Saotome


Jin’s omission from both versions of MvC3 probably hit me the hardest, simply because it was so hard to justify. MegaMan was given the lame excuse that redesigning the character would make him too similar to Arthur; Roll and Saki were clearly not a good fit for a game that caused people to foam at the mouth with rage when Felicia was announced; and I already mentioned why I accepted Venom’s snub. The thing is, none of these reasons really applied to Jin Saotome. I think what hurt the most was the fact that Capcom literally went out of their way to relicense Strider Hiryu for use in Ultimate and snubbed the character I generally considered his partner in crime, but ditched Jin Saotome in favor of VERGIL. Fortunately, it seems like Jin Saotome has been a particularly high ranking character in multiple returning character polls, so hopefully Capcom will finally rectify this injustice and I can once again Blodia Punch to my heart’s content.

So yeah, 20 more characters done. I’m not really a fan of Captain Commando, but he’s probably going to make it in regardless, so I’ll just stick it to him the only way I can: by leaving him off my wishlist. That’ll show him. Once again, I’m not expecting most of these, but if my top picks on both sides manage to make it in, I’ll be happy.

Stay tuned for the next list. That’s when things are gonna go off the wall.


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