Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Roster Wishlist – Part I: UMvC3 Returns

So after worrying for quite some time that it had become vaporware, Marvel and Capcom’s latest collaboration is not only alive but releasing much sooner than I would’ve expected …or hoped. I’ll be honest though, aside from Ultron, Captain Marvel and the blue bummer himself “MegaMan” X, we haven’t really seen too many newbies show up in the base roster on either side. In fact, the majority of characters we’ve seen so far seem like they’ve been ported directly from the previous game in the series, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which was recently re-released on Xbox One and PC via Steam after the enhanced version dropped on PS4 back in December when Infinite was first announced. Now, I’ll be honest: I actually liked both MvC3s more than its predecessor — MvC2 seemed entirely focused on building a gigantic roster over some elements I’d generally consider more important. So this doesn’t really bother me all that much. Having said that, there are some characters I’d like to see return more than others. Sure, I’ve already covered roster predictions in a podcast right when the big reveal happened, but those only scratched the surface of what I’d like to see in this game. Why not go into more graphic detail about who I want Capcom to port into this game? I’ll do 10 characters for each side, just to make sure I can ramble about everything. This is the first of three — you can expect two more wishlists with slightly different criteria to drop in the coming days. Anyway, I’ll get started.


10. Taskmaster


In the end, it pretty much came down to Taskmaster or Sentinel — and Sentinel’s limited move set and licensing issues took him out. Taskmaster is a pretty odd character, but that’s probably what I found so likable about him. He cobbled together a bunch of other characters’ moves in order to create his own unique moveset — fitting given his ability to perfectly mimic fighting techniques. Given the fact that he’s less popular now than he was then — and I’m almost certain he was only included due to his connections to Deadpool — I don’t think he’s got a chance of returning. I wouldn’t mind seeing him come back though.

9. Nova


Nova’s a fairly popular character in the comics, to the extent where the Nova Corps appeared in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Of course, Richard Ryder — the original Nova — was dead when he first appeared in UMvC3 and considering the fact that the character was recently resurrected, it seems probable that he’ll return. Nova had a fun playstyle, I just wish that his hyper combos weren’t so derivative. Maybe they’ll be more unique if he resurfaces in Infinite.

8. Dormammu


Looking back, Dormammu was one of those characters that probably shouldn’t have worked in a MvC2-style game, at all. Clearly designed as a replacement for Blackheart, Dormammu was slow, but could fill the screen with devastating projectiles. I found him a little clunky at times, but for the most part, fun to use. Given the role he played in the Dr. Strange movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if he reemerged in Infinite and I’d be glad to see him.

7. She-Hulk


Probably one of the less popular characters in the game, She-Hulk’s move set definitely didn’t match up with MvC3, which made her an awkward fit. All the same, I had fun using her as a character – I like to think of her as being essentially the bridge between SF4’s El Fuerte and SF5’s take on R. Mika. If she does manage to come back, I would love to see her moveset expanded, perhaps borrowing some techniques from Mika or Laura.

6. Dr. Strange


I’m almost certain that he’s probably going to make it in, simply due to how successful the Dr. Strange movie was. I’m just hoping that they don’t rework his moveset. Sure, many people claim that Stephen was an incredibly complex character, but as someone who’s played Blazblue, he’s pretty much in line with the gameplay in that series. Considering Infinite’s focus on creating a less chaotic fighting system, it would be interesting to see just how Dr. Strange’s projectile-focused gameplay works out.

5. Super-Skrull


This one’s gonna cost me. I actually enjoyed using Super-Skrull in the original MvC3. I didn’t use him quite as much in Ultimate, but his playstyle appeals to me regardless. The concept of using all 4 Fantastic Four members powers with a single character just appealed to me far more than including any and all of them. Hopefully, if Marvel manages to allow his inclusion, they’ll rebalance his moveset to increase the representation of the powers of both Mr. Fantastic and especially Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman.

4. M.O.D.O.K.


I’m still convinced that M.O.D.O.K. was meant as a replacement for Sentinel before Capcom was able to secure the rights to use him in MvC3. Having said that, he’s kind of a fun character to use, unique but not well-suited to that game’s fast pace. Given the more even pacing of Infinite, I think he deserves inclusion, if only to redeem his failing in the previous game.

3. Ghost Rider


Ghost Rider was, by far, the Marvel character I was the most excited for when Capcom accidentally leaked the additions to UMvC3’s roster. I had always hoped that he would show up as DLC in the original game, to the extent where I even wrote a mock-up movelist in order to channel my excitement into something that at least appeared constructive. I’ve heard rumors that Luke Cage might be used as a replacement character, but I’m hoping that’s not the case.

2. Spider-Man


I mean, this is a waste of a slot, but clearly it can’t be understated: he needs to be in Infinite. I’m just hoping they bring back Josh Keaton to do the voice acting — though they might go with someone else to match up with Tom Holland’s portrayal in the MCU.

1. Shuma-Gorath


It couldn’t have been anyone else. I mean, honestly, I’ve got boring taste when it came to most of the Marvel side characters I wanted to come back. Iron Man and Hulk would have been my big picks and Thor and Captain America would’ve been high on my list too, but fortunately all 4 of them have already been confirmed. Of course, even they weren’t, Shuma would still be #1. I mean, I went out of my way to buy the game’s DLC not once, but twice, just to make sure I’d have Shuma in my arsenal. Hopefully Capcom fights hard again to get him including once more, even if it’s just as DLC.


10. Spencer


Oddly enough, Spencer managed to beat out both Crimson Viper and Viewtiful Joe, who I also considered for the #10 spot. (I’m honestly a little surprised and disappointed that I couldn’t squeeze Arthur or Firebrand on here at all.) In the end, my somewhat misguided attempts at using Spencer as a Jin Saotome surrogate managed to put him over the edge and get him onto this list. Granted, rumors are circulating that with Peter “Combofiend” Rosas as a part of the game’s development team, Spencer’s chances for returning may be pretty high.

9. Amaterasu


Like Spencer, I considered Amaterasu as a bit of a replacement character: in her case, for MegaMan Volnutt from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. I’ll admit, she worked better in that capacity than Spencer did, though she still left a lot to be desired. Still, I did love using that Snow Bead attack, plus Okami remains a cult classic.

8. Trish


I’ll be honest, I’m not really that huge of a fan of the Devil May Cry franchise in general. I didn’t get into it when it was new and trying to play the first game after beating Bayonetta is …well, impossible. I did like using Trish though. She was one of my go-to keepaway characters, though I did get more use out of her in the original MvC3 than the later revision. I’d still love to see her return.

7. Phoenix Wright


Definitely a unique character, Phoenix Wright was heavily requested by casual fans, but didn’t seem to see much success in the tourney scene. Having said that, I thought he was pretty fun to use and he was exactly what I wanted: a joke character. Not that he was inherently bad — if you managed to activate Turnabout Mode, he was pretty overpowered. He just exuded humor in his every attack and animation, perfect for a lawyer finding himself fighting against superheroes, robots, zombies and monsters.

6. Zero


If MegaMan X is going to be heavily involved in the game’s plot, I might as well see the return of the one character in that sub-series I actually like. Back in my early days playing MvC3, I never really got the hang of Zero, but I did end up liking him in TvC and have recently started using him now that I’ve gone back to UMvC3. His glass cannon play style would also help to give Infinite some street cred when it comes to the more cynical fans of MvC2.

5. Nemesis


I wasn’t really a fan of any of the Resident Evil characters that showed up in the original MvC3 roster. Chris was boring, Jill was terrible DLC that I only managed to get with Shuma-Gorath and the less said about Wesker, the better. That all changed with Ultimate and the inclusion of the bioweapon Nemesis. I love using larger characters that hit hard as opposed to the giant grapplers and Nemesis delivered on that, plus he’s got a frickin’ rocket launcher.

4. Hsien-Ko


Probably an unpopular choice, but I always liked Hsien-Ko: in Darkstalkers, Puzzle Fighter, Pocket Fighter and even Project X Zone. Besides, her moves seem like they’d be interesting in Infinite’s new tag combo system. Imagine busting out Senpuu Bu in the middle of a combo. That would be awesome.

3. Haggar


Most people would probably prefer to see Haggar get added to SFV — to finally have an epic clash with Zangief — but personally, I see value in keeping the two separate. They’re just too similar to coexist. At least MvC3 gave him some unique tactics, ones I wouldn’t mind seeing show up in Street Fighter, but I doubt they would. So I’d rather see him show up in Infinite.

2. Frank West


Frank West is another contender for most unique character in UMvC3, which is particularly impressive given the fact that he was totally overhauled from his appearance in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. I’d be fine with either incarnation coming back, as long as they bring back TJ Rotolo for the English voicework and base his design on either his Dead Rising 1 or Off the Record designs — Dead Rising 4 is an abomination. At the very least, I’d accept Peter von Gomm as a suitable replacement: better yet, make him the “Japanese” voice this time.

1. Felicia


I’ll be honest: while Felicia was generally a constant in my MvC3 teams, she’s much more important than that. Up to that point, the characters announced were Ryu (natch), Morrigan (generally the sole Darkstalkers rep in crossovers), Chris Redfield (*yawn*) and Dante (blech). Felicia was the first Capcom character announced for MvC3 that I actually cared about and frankly, I want her to keep coming back, eSports be damned. Just give us an unlockable nun costume if you’re so worried about her design being too sexualized.

So there they are, 20 characters I’d like to see return from the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This isn’t exactly a literal wishlist: obviously I don’t need everyone to return in order to be happy with the roster, though admittedly the top characters on each side would make me anticipate this game a lot more than such recent reveals as Chun-Li, Rocket Raccoon and the fact that the game isn’t going to have crossplay between platforms. That being said, I’ve got two more lists rattling around in my skull with regards to MvC:I — covering some fairly obvious categories– and they’ll be making their way onto this blog fairly soon. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled.


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